Monday, 24 October 2011

Send 420 Characters Long SMS Using BhokaliSMS India

My some of posts have a comment about BhokaliSMS, it seems new because I have not heard about it. It seems a nice site. I decided to test it. It is anew one so there no enough Alexa Rank of this site. However they claim they have 1.0 million registered users. Many times I have seen small sites do not provide good service. I asked inquired This service will not work for DND mobile numbers.

I can not say this site will work or not but at first it is impressive site and if you have been bored with old one and want to test something new you may be here.
To get started you need sign up, you will get a message for verification on your mobile that is your password too and after verification you will get information about confirmation. But when you first visit this site it will ask you  about your internet connection speed if you have slow internet connection you can choose slow option that is good for slow internet connections.
You can send free SMS to any mobile in any language. When you ;login you get a message on your mobile with information of your ip address and browser version.You can send a message up to 100 contacts in one time.
You can send 1000 SMS per day.
200 SMS per day on a particular mobile number.
Huge SMS collection on various topics that you can send direct to any mobile number.
You can send 420 characters long SMS.
You can send a message in limited to 120 character or 240 character or 420 character. If you want to send a small message just use 120  character.
You also can schedule future SMS.

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